Why Kingdom

Why Choose Kingdom?

Because we are Kingdom Agents. Yes, we sell insurance, but our purpose is far greater than just this. We are a network of reformers changing the Insurance industry for the better, one life at a time. Become who you were intended to become, and enjoy the benefits of operating in a successful and fulfilling relationship from which true wealth can flow.

We are agents. We are reformers. We are Kingdom.
Join the Power of Kingdom today!

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Kingdom Insurance is America’s #1 FMO

We are the #1 FMO in America that markets, sells, and distributes insurance products with a focus on Medicare Advantage. FMOs, or Field Market Organizations, are companies that offer products and services for insurance agents to facilitate the back end of their business. Agents who work through an FMO can be contracted with more carriers, and they typically earn higher compensation than those who contract with a carrier directly. The services we offer were developed by agents, for agents, and after more than 36 years of perfecting our methods, Kingdom Insurance provides agents with the top sales tools and support available across the industry.

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We Are On a Mission to Change Lives

Our main goal is to improve life through insurance. This includes supporting our agents, looking out for their families, and consistently negotiating the best contracts with top-notch carriers, so our agents can stand by the products they sell. Kingdom Insurance works hard to accomplish this mission throughout the nation. Our key objective is simple, provide the best knowledge and support to agents so they can help others.

Key Benefits to Partnering With Kingdom Insurance

  • Top Contracts & Commissions
  • E-contracting & Quoting Tools
  • Year-Round Free Leads
  • Turn-Key Marketing Programs
  • Legal/Compliance Support
  • Discounted E&O Insurance
  • Lifetime Renewals
  • Unlimited Agent Support

Find Success with the Power of Kingdom

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Nationwide Support

Kingdom Insurance works with thousands of agents in territories across the nation. When you partner with Kingdom, not only can you work from anywhere in the United States, but our team provides marketing materials and mailers that are carefully targeted for your area and demographic, typically at no extra cost. These help generate leads in your particular state or region. There are also opportunities to become a managing agent, where you can lead a team of other agents, giving you the chance to expand your book of business across different territories. Our extensive training, marketing support, and lead generation make it easy to sell insurance from coast to coast.

Find Success With Kingdom Insurance

Our goal is to improve life through insurance, and that means providing great tools and products for our agents and their customers. As an agent, you will have a fulfilling occupation where you can help others find peace of mind with great insurance coverage. Register, request a packet, or schedule a meeting with one of our team specialists to begin a successful and meaningful career today!

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