Following the numbers: Agent compensation, how it all works Start your Medicare advantage business today! Earning, Earnings, Earnings! The most common inquiry of becoming a kingdom agent is the potential annual income. To better understand how earnings work and how they can grow year after year, here is a typical example: Let’s say you live in Georgia and you sign up as a new person to Medicare Advantage on a basic plan. Based on 2021 rates as an agent you would receive an initial commission payment of $539. Now starting 12-months later, you would receive 4270 annually or $22.50 per month. That might not seem like much but after you sign up, let’s say 500 enrollments, that’s $22.50 starts to add up. $22.50 renewal x 500 = $11,250 per month. If you were then signing up only 3 new enrollments per week, here is what your base salary looks like: 3 x $539 x 52 weeks = 84,084 enrollments Your total yearly earnings at that time would look like: $135,000 renewals + $84,500 new enrollments = $219,500 annual salary. As you can see from the simple example above, it doesn’t take much to make an incredible income with Kingdom Insurance. You can also see that rates paid to agents typically increase yearly, which put even more in your pocket. New agents are in high demand! So the fastest way to get started is to schedule an online interview today. To speak with our Kingdom team to learn more about your specific region and this opportunity contact Kingdom Insurance. Attend our free 60-minute webinar to learn more about the acreer choice of becoming a Kingdom agent! Learn how you earn money while not working through residual income. Learn more about how rewarding a career as a Kingdom agent can be. Top benefits for our agents: click here to learn more! Skip to the front of the line and get straight to the interview Click here for our info packet!