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If you’re certified and ready to sell insurance, you may be thinking, “Now what?” Kingdom Insurance takes pride in training and assisting its agents, especially those who are new to the company. Our experienced staff is dedicated to making sure each agent has a smooth onboarding process. At Kingdom, we know learning every aspect of a new career can be a life-long pursuit, and that is why we provide our agents with a whole host of resources and support — which we like to refer to as Kingdom University.

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Our Onboarding Team Trains You From the Start

Once you become a Kingdom agent, our team will walk you through the details of your new job, including how to use our agent portal. The portal helps track and organize everything you need, including leads, applications, contracts and more. We will teach you about the specific carriers you selected and review all the products they offer. We can help you navigate the certification process for each carrier as well. It’s important that you fully understand each product you sell, as your knowledge and expertise on the many plans and options available builds trust with prospective clients. Training will also cover other topics such as E&O insurance, AHIP instructions, how to submit carrier applications, and how these submissions are reviewed by the Kingdom underwriting team. Once training is complete, we will supply you with the initial documentation and supporting materials from each carrier, which you can use when you meet with clients.

Get Online Training Courses Taught by Actual Agents

Sample just a few of our exclusive training courses which are only available to Kingdom agents. These self-paced learning videos cover a wide range of topics, like how to target areas, work leads, and knock on clients’ doors. Gain access to this real-world, practical training 24/7 and learn from expert agents with a proven formula for success.

Getting Leads video
How to Get Leads
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How Renewals Work
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Find the Opportunity for Hands-On Training

In certain situations, agents can travel to Kingdom’s headquarters for specific training in their state-of-the-art, in-house training room. This room accommodates 50 agents, and many times the training sessions held there are recorded and made available in the agent portal so they can benefit Kingdom agents around the country. Depending on your location, we also offer a more hands-on learning experience where new agents are paired with seasoned representatives as they sell insurance in the field. This helps new agents learn how to introduce themselves to prospective clients, use the enrollment tool during a sale, and build long-term relationships with their customers.

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Learn Even More with Our Frequent Webinars

Kingdom Insurance is dedicated to connecting with agents by scheduling regular webinars throughout the year. Monthly and/or quarterly webinars are hosted in Kingdom’s state-of-the-art, in-house training room. These sessions are available to all agents and often focus on topics which include new carrier products, relevant industry changes, and information regarding the release of the latest resources as they become available. During these webinars, agents can ask questions and get valuable input and advice from other agents across the nation.

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Supporting Agents is Our Main Focus

Kingdom Insurance is always here to support our agents. The Kingdom support team is available over the phone and by email during the week to help agents in any way possible. We pride ourselves in how responsive our support staff is for all our agents, and most of their phone calls and emails are returned by the end of each the day. Learn more about the support and training you’ll receive as a Kingdom agent by hearing what current agents have to say about the company.