An Agent’s Journey

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Learn About a New Career

Kingdom Insurance’s new video series that showcases actual agents and their journey of success. Learn about the entire process of being a Kingdom agent. How do you get started? Where do you find customers? How much money can you earn? What is your lifestyle? These and many more questions will be answered with our new video series: “An Agent’s Journeyâ€�.

Episode #1 — Jeremy Hamilton

Q&A video with Jeremy Hamilton

Meet Jeremy Hamilton and learn about his journey of leaving a successful career with Ford Motor Company to become a Kingdom agent for over 8 years now. This in-depth Q&A will cover pretty much all aspects of the career from how to get started, earning a six-figure income in months to now having his wife take an early retirement.

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Episode #2 — Debbie Sutton

Q&A video with Debbie Sutton

Meet Debbie Sutton and learn about her journey from leaving a critical care nurse career to becoming a Kingdom agent for over 9 years now. This in-depth Q&A will cover many aspects of the career from how to get certified, receiving no-cost leads to now becoming a managing agent with over 50 agents in 24 states.

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Episode #3 — Dan Brown

Q&A video with Dan Brown

Meet Dan Brown and learn about his journey of leaving an unsatisfying factory job with no career plans to finding Kingdom Insurance and getting hired on the spot. This in-depth Q&A will cover his now 10-year career from his initial struggle of getting certified, process of being trained, finding no-cost leads to his most memorable home visit.

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An Agent’s Journey: Promo Videos

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Kingdom Agent - Financial Freedom (Commercial #8)
Kingdom Agent - Endless Beneficiaries (Commercial #3)
Kingdom Agent - Flexible Career (Commercial #7)
Kingdom Agent - Rewarding Career (Commercial #5)
Kingdom Agent - Best Trait of an Agent (Commercial #10)
Kingdom Agent - Career Upgrade (Commercial #9)

Find Success With Kingdom Insurance

Our goal is to improve life through insurance, and that means providing great tools and products for our agents and their customers. As an agent, you will have a fulfilling occupation where you can help others find peace of mind with great insurance coverage. Register, request a packet, or schedule a meeting with one of our team specialists to begin a successful and meaningful career today!

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