How can Kingdom Support Your Agency? WORK WITH THE #1 FMO IN THE COUNTRY! • We Want to Work With You! As an agency owner, it is critical to have good communication with your upline. If you've reached a point where your partnership is no longer beneficial, or you aren't receiving the support you need then it may be time to move on. Kingdom Insurance is here for you! Why change? Can you talk to your upline/ owners? Do you have a direct line of communication for support? Does your upline partnership benefit you and your agents to your expectations? Have you lost trust in your upline? • Supporting the Agencies That Partner With Us Understand you have options. You can take control of your agency's success. Partner with America's #1 FMO — Kingdom Insurance. Kingdom Insurance is a full-service FMO that partners with independent agents and insurance agencies across the country. Over 40 years of experience in the Medicare and health insurance industry. Our privately owned, family-operated company is committed to helping our agents and partners become successful. BENEFITS OF PARTNERING WITH KINGDOM ■ $1000 WORTH OF NEW LEADS -As a new partner agency, you can provide your agents with $1000 worth of new leads in the territories they cover. El TOP CARRIER PARTNERS - We work with top carrier partners, with the best technology. Our easy-to-use online enrollment platform is unparalleled, and agents receive extensive technical training and support. El REVOLUTIONARY DIGITAL LEAD PROGRAM - Your agents will have access to Kingdom's revolutionary digital lead generation program where they can search our library of leads. Agents can also run their own custom online lead-generating campaigns through Kingdom's proprietary program to target specific populations within the counties and states where they are licensed to work. M FULL COMMISSIONS AND LIFETIME RENEWALS - We offer full commissions to our agents, not just a percentage like other FM0s. We also offer lifetime renewals to our agents to allow them to compound their sales and increase their book of business year after year. ■ AGENT DEATH BENEFIT - We guarantee renewal commission payments will continue to be issued to surviving families should an agent pass away. Agents work hard to build a book of business and their families depend on their income. Should the unexpected occur, Kingdom will ensure their families will receive that residual income. ■ OUTSTANDING COMMUNICATION AND SUPPORT - Our expert team is extremely responsive to inquiries, and we pride ourselves on exemplary support and communication with agents. We ensure agents are always compliant with ever-changing CMS standards.
SPEAK DIRECTLY TO KINGDOM'S OWNERS: NICK & ZACH LEWIS To learn more about all the ways a partnership with Kingdom will benefit you, WE ENCOURAGE YOU to speak directly to the company owners, Nick and Zach Lewis. Talk one-on-one with them. They can answer any questions you may have, and they'll show you why Kingdom is the #1 FMO in the country! CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE DIRECTLY TO KINGDOM'S OWNERS!
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