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Kingdom Provides Renewals for an Agent's Family if They Die.

May 22, 2022

Medicare insurance agents work hard for years to build their book of business to the point where their annual commissions reach $200K, $300K, $500K, and beyond. However, many agents forget to think about what happens if an unfortunate event takes place and they pass away. What would that look like for their family left behind?


How Social Media Can Drive Medicare Business

May 18, 2022

According to one study, as many as 84% of baby boomers have Facebook accounts. That is a huge market of Medicare leads waiting to be reached. Before we get any further, you must understand that just because you have a social page doesn’t mean you will suddenly get a rush of followers, leads, or customers.

Selling Medicare Advantage Over the Phone

May 15, 2022

What could the world’s worst pick-up line possibly have to do with selling insurance over the phone? It illustrates the importance of opening lines and first impressions. Confidence, charm, intuition, and perfect timing are needed for a good pickup line. As an independent insurance agent, you are working hard to turn strangers into customers.

Medicare, Social Security

Social Security and Medicare work together

May 9, 2022

A common misconception about Social Security and Medicare is that a beneficiary has to be receiving Social Security benefits to enroll in Medicare. This is not true. To help clarify how these two work together, let me give you a tip to avoid a Medicare nightmare.

Exploring the Special Needs and Dual-Eligible Market

May 3, 2022

In our ever-changing Medicare market, we have an emerging demographic that is significantly underrepresented: dual-eligible. Approximately 12 million Americans are dual-eligible, representing 20% of the Medicare population. Let's explore this topic deeper.