Schedule Your Interview to Become a Territory Manager! Become a Territory manager with Kingdom! Expanding our network with new territories and agents! Here at Kingdom Insurance, because of high-demand, we are looking to expand with other territories around the United States. As a territory manager you have exclusive leads from dedicated counties and states. You will expand your professional knowledge of the insurance industry, including Medicare Advantage, with guidance from an experienced team all while growing your book of business. So, if you want to jump-start your career this might be your perfect opportunity. Exclusive territories are limited, so the fastest way to get started is to schedule an online interview today and speak with our Kingdom team to learn more about your specific territory and this opportunity. Watch our video to learn more about the territory manager opportunity with Kingdom and how this could change your career. AEP With No-Cost Leads, Leads, Leads! At Kingdom Insurance, we understand that the key for our agent’s success begins with generating leads. That’s why agents’ contracted with kingdom have the ability to find unlimited potential customers year-round at no-cost. This combined with our Territory Manager opportunity will allow agents to have amazing success! Watch our video on financial freedom! Watch our video on flexible schedules! Become a territory manager - contact our home office for more information today! Click here to schedule an interview! Click here to request our informational packet!