Kingdom Provides Renewals for an Agent's Family if They Die

May 22, 2022
KSAM: Kingdom Provides Renewals for an Agent's Family if They Die

Agents who sell Medicare insurance work hard for years to build up a book of business that pays them $200, $300, $500, and more in annual commissions. Many agents, on the other hand, fail to consider what happens to their annual commissions if an unexpected occurrence occurs and they pass away. What, more crucially, would it mean for the families who would be left behind if those commission payments stopped flowing in?

Renewal commissions can only be paid to the licensed agent who wrote the policy in the state where it was written. In the event that an agent dies, the family will no longer receive commission payments.

Kingdom Insurance, on the other hand, is unique. We've worked out a deal with insurance companies that allows our agents to add an addendum to their contracts that allows their commissions to be paid straight to Kingdom Insurance in the event of their death. For the life of each policy, Kingdom pays the commission to the agent's family. This ensures that your family will have a source of income for many years to come, even if something terrible happens.

Kingdom is dedicated to safeguarding not only our agents but also their families.